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When, however, the malefic planets hold these houses, or afflict the luminaries therein, you may judge greater stress and privation. Buckhardt, whose formulae were used in the calculation of the nautical almanac for many years, employs no less than 37 equations of the moon’s mean longitude zodiac dating. The directions being calculated and tabulated in order of their occurrence, the time and general nature of the influences operating in successive periods of the life will stand revealed. Indeed, i was able to say with perfect assurance that the coronation would not take place on the date appointed, and gave the exact date at which the king would be struck down with what i conceived to be a mortal illness. The use to which this is put will appear in the next chapter. Suppose i want the longitude of uranus in the year a. Thus uranus has a period of 84 years, after which it returns to the same longitude on the same day of the year and will be further advanced in its orbit by 1� 5′. The signs aries, leo, capricornus are called barren, while taurus, cancer, scorpio, and pisces are fruitful. As will be seen from the periods given, five periods of jupiter are nearly equal to two of saturn. It has respect to the rising, setting, and[pg 95] meridian passage of the planets after birth, whereby they are brought to the places or aspects of the planets in the radix (the root), which is the horoscope of birth. We have already seen that the sidereal time at noon on the 1st of may was 2h. Observe also the trines and sextiles of the benefic planets and of the moon, and the squares and opposi[pg 89]tions of the malefics, for these will operate in a minor degree in a similar manner as already indicated. There is also the conjunction, when bodies are in the same degree or part of a sign. But being also in semisquare to venus, mr. Observations of this sort will frequently assist to determine the time of birth when it is not known. For this reason it will be convenient for the student to have a general view of the cosmical elements that he employs in his calculations and of the factors that enter into his consideration when studying a horoscope.

But when falling on the places of the malefics, or on places in the horoscope that are badly aspected by the planets at birth, they portend nothing but evil. [pg 64] financial prospects look to the planets which are in the 2nd house, and the aspects to them. Aristotle made it a part of his philosophy. It is a law in nature that the line of least resistance is that of greatest progress. Chamberlain attained his sixty-eighth birthday anniversary on the 8th of july, 1904, and by adding that number of degrees to the 22nd degree of aquarius we obtain taurus 0 as the point which has attained the meridian by “direction. In flexed signs, the lungs, bowels, and nervous system become fatally affected. The chief points to be noticed in connection with the transits of the planets are the midheaven, ascendant, and the places of the sun and moon, as already mentioned in chapter ii of this section. But the contrary is the case when the 5th house is occupied by malefic planets and such as may be heavily afflicted. When one comes to take account of the years of human life that are spent in the vain endeavour to achieve the impossible, the lessons of nature are worth reciting. By adding the same number of degrees to the place of the sun at birth we obtain also the progressed position of the sun. The student is invited to make some test of this matter by the aid of the rules already given in these pages. The position of the sun in conjunction with jupiter in the sign cancer, in sextile to the moon, is the index of a high fortune and means exceeding a competence. He will find causes for inexplicable things, and his mind will rest content in the knowledge hat while he is working out the highest potentialities of his own horoscope, the major problems and intricacies of life are not of his making or needful of his solving. Look at the people as they pass you in the street. [pg 69] the position in life this is to be judged from the position of the majority of the planets, but principally from the midheaven, the planets therein and its aspects. Mercury renders its subjects active, versatile, apt and business-like, disposed to much commerce, whether of the mind or the market, and eager in the pursuit of knowledge; alert, and well-informed zodiac dating.

Major effects must not therefore be referred to inferior causes, and minor effects must not be referred to superior causes. If a malefic planet is rising or setting at birth it is advisable to fix the place of residence so much to the eastward of the birthplace as will suffice to bring the malefic planets out of the angles of the horoscope. Tycho later discovered that a further equation was due to the disturbance caused by the sun along the vector.should christians do online dating.
. The double-bodied signs are gemini, sagittarius, and pisces. Throughout the whole of this judgment, the periods when these predicted effects will come into force should be made by reference to the rising, setting, and meridian passage of the planets, the solar aspects, and transits. As regards the time at which events signified by the aspects may be expected to transpire, i have found that they usually occur during the transit of the sun over the places of the planets in the annual horoscope. This is put at the head of the figure, and the rest of the signs are placed around the figure in their order as shown in the table. Three and a half hours later it will have advanced about 8 minutes in longitude, so that its position will be in taurus 11 degrees 10 minutes. Fixed signs—stability, patience, endurance, method, caution, and diplomacy. This gives access of good fortune, increase of honor and prestige, and as jupiter rules the 11th house, many adherents and supporters. “take what thou wilt, but pay the price. John butler, sir george wharton, vincent wing, george witchel, tycho brahe, kepler, and flamstead of more recent biography. The general trend of the disposition and habit of mind is judged by the position of the majority of the planets, according to the “constitution” of the signs they occupy. The highest types of beauty are to be found under this sign. The lightning flash does not come straight to earth, but zigzag by the line of least resistance. .

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