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One intriguing option for ivy’s romantic partner is mateo (francisco san martin). Theres also another option for ivy based on recent casting news, but this would be a one-off cameo and not worth mentioning – but still, it might happen. Although sheila (kimberlin brown) wants mateo to try and seduce quinn, we know that plot will fall apart, particularly if he’s already romancing a forrester of his own. On twitter, carter and ivy are referred to together as “civy” and fans have been asking cbs daytime to pair these two for a while. Ivy leaked news of her romance to her boss while reviewing the latest forrester jewelry designs on monday’s b&b, ivy let it drop that she’s seeing someone but said it’s still new and she doesn’t want to jinx anything. Tv guide magazine: word is, your first b&b scene is in the shower.   brooks: yeah, that s how they introduce me. There’s bill’s sidekick justin (aaron d who is darin brooks dating. As the story unfolds, he moves into that whole fashion-industry world and you ll find out his connection to everything. He chases after her to get his hands on the photo. Was his first appearance timed to coincide with ivy’s hint so that we would know the two will be an item. The hunky spanish actor had his debut on mondays b&b – the same day ivy mentioned that she got a new man in her life. Tv guide magazine spoke with the star about his juicy — and naked — new gig. Is ivy dating the hot new forrester estate manager. Could big brother 19 winner josh martinez is slated to appear on bold following the cameo monday of fellow bb19 alum jessica graaf. Check back soon for more the bold and the beautiful spoilers. Brooks: he ll eventually get himself into town and get settled.

Although liam’s marriage to steffy (jacqueline macinnes wood) might go bust soon, the split would be about sally (courtney hope), not ivy. For now, though, ivy’s staying tight-lipped about the guy. Ivy’s related to many of the guys on bold, so that’s a problem. The scene takes place up at big bear lake near the forrester cabin. Those pairings are played out, and ivy needs a new guy that’s all her own. It’s long overdue for ivy to have a romance (and a storyline) and would be great if she wasn’t trying to get the attention of wyatt or liam for a change. [featured image by andrew raszevski/cbs, michael buckner/frazer harrison/getty images] days max and went on to star in three seasons of spike s riotously raunchy sitcom blue mountain state, has already started shooting at b&b. We know it’s not liam (scott clifton) or wyatt (darin brooks) because each of them is neck deep with a woman of their own. Bill (don diamont) is getting close to steffy, so he’s not an option. Many longtime bold fans have been hoping to see carter and ivy hook up, and the duo even has a smush couple name already even though they’ve never paired. Tv guide magazine: so the liam-hope-steffy triangle is about to turn quadrangle. Handsome mateo might be just the ticket for her. As for wyatt, he’s busy wooing his former step-mother katie (heather tom). Tv bold and the beautiful spoilers hint that ivy (ashleigh brewer) finally has a romance of her own. She doesn t know what to do so she freaks out and starts running who is darin brooks dating. That would be disappointing since the guy will only be around for one episode and ivy needs a real romance that’s front and center and gives her some material to work with at last. Tv guide magazine: and it s love at first sight.

bold and the beautiful spoilers: ivy dating mystery man – carter, mateo, or a new guy. Wyatt has no problems encroaching on liam s territory and stirring up the s--t. Hope stumbles across him and takes his picture on her smartphone and wyatt catches her.guidebook to dating waiting and choosing a mate.
. My character, wyatt, is first seen in the nude taking a solar shower out in the woods. Could it be carter (lawrence saint-victor). No word has leaked about what role josh would have on the show. [ laughs] he willbold and the beautiful spoilers: ivy dating mystery man – carter, mateo, or a new guy. Brooks: wyatt will definitely get in the middle of all that and he s the type of guy who will stand up for himself. We’ll find out more soon about ivy’s new guy, but for now, her mystery man will remain a mystery. Ridge (thorsten kaye) is not related by blood, but they see themselves as family, so ick. Tv guide magazine: how will this mountain man get mixed up with the show s beverly hills crowd. Spears), but he’s got arson trouble to worry about, so he’s probably not looking for love. [ laughs] hey, it happens when a woman catches you in your most private of moments. Quinn (rena sofer) didnt grill ivy but was interested in hearing about her protégés new romance. Since the reality show crossover appearances are usually only tiny roles, it’s not likely that big brother’s josh would play ivy’s new man, but still, you never know. Brooks: wyatt doesn t know anything about hope but he s definitely taken with her. .

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