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Honestly, the members didn t want to go public with it, they were practically forced to. [+44, -20] as a sone, i was really upset because of snsd. But after listening to taeyeon on instagram, i really reflected on myself. The fans that will leave them because of this just weren t actual fans in the first placereplydelete. The main fans left are female so the dating rumors have no impact on them who are snsd dating. Fans know just how hard the girls have been working for them. All nine could be in dating rumors for all i care, as long as they don t delay their comebacks who are snsd dating. [+668, -90] well the fans are in a mental breakdown so as the leader, she s posting to console them. [+527, -56] soshi has too many female fans for this to make much of an impact~~ 7. [+100, -6] dispatch or sports seoul won t follow you around unless you re a top star so the rest of you can just date in secret all you want. Replydelete it s no shocking most are dating, they already said they were and it is normal for someone their age. M entertainment s ballad group sm the ballad. More about taeyeon why are they saying that nickkkun has a low taste in women. [+598, -66] the only fans to be impacted by dating rumors are male fans and male fans have already moved on to other girl groups easily. Sones will always be supporting them to have a good relationship and comeback soon. We should be the one supporting them but taeyeon s the one supporting us ã… ã… ã…  this is why i love her, she s always thinking of her fans ã… ã…  comeback soon.

[+503, -65] not a big deal to be dating nowadays. [+45, -6] it really feels like she s by our side, patting our backs, saying it ll be okay. The members are great at managing their images, however, and sones are extremely loyal, which is how they ve made it this far. ㅜㅜ i should be the one giving the girls strength but i m the one receiving it instead. [+523, -155] snsd s over now, farewell pathetic comment. Center yoona and positive image lee seung gi dating is rather a positive thing, not a negative, for the group. [+2,530, -270] they have a loyal fanbase 5. Ss reported on stuff we already knew, but i guess khunfany needed more evidence lol anyone who follows hyo & jay on ig would know they re dating. They re one of the only girl groups to reach this milestone and there isn t any other girl group to follow them in terms of beauty, talent, and teamwork unless sm comes out with a new girl group. Replydelete there s definitely more to hyoyeon s story than being said. [+142, -10] it doesn t matter for most celebrities. Aside from group activities, she has also recorded tracks for various television dramas and movies as well as commercial films (cfs). [+531, -102] i m going to continue to be a fan - source: star news via naver 1. [+3,003, -378] sone and snsd are both eight years running. Entertainment, and has further participated in its subgroup tts as well as s. [+3,880, -565] snsd is practically 10 years into their career now.

As an snsd fan, this is our first time experiencing something like this and i know we should be cool about it but it s easier than it sounds. [+459, -144] as expected of the leader ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ 4. [+46, -11] i thought of a lot of things while listening to the song.online dating sevices registrationview reset.
. There s nothing wrong with women dating, and snsd isn t a group like a pink or akb48 that relies on uncle fan fantasy any more. The fans that will leave them because of this just weren t actual fans in the first placereplydeletesource: ilgan sports via naver 1. She debuted in 2007 as a member of south korean girl group girls generation under s. They will not falter over something as minor as this. The ones dating rumors impact the most are the ones who sold themselves to the public as the nation s little sister, first love, all those innocent image types. Even fans didn t think that snsd would last this long and thought gee would be the height of their career since the only other girl groups to last as long was ses and finkl with five years. [+205, -8] it s not only soshi, i bet 9 out of 10 idols are dating, just that it hasn t been revealed yet ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹ so stop buying your idols expensive gifts and invest towards your own futures. - ginger (dog) [2013] kim tae-yeon (born march 9, 1989), most often credited only as taeyeon, is a south korean singer. I doubt this is the decline of snsd, it s normal for them to be dating. Is her bf that much a coward to report her to police for poking him in the eye or he had a solid reason to do so, like fearing for his or her life. [+523, -155] snsd s over now, farewell just because they re dating doesn t mean that they re over. .Hot chat europe no registration free.

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