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There are a lot of exciting changes in this release, here’s a few: new anaconda installer version, with tons of bugfixes latest kernel 4. Join us on facebook, google+ meet our crazy community on facebook. Deploying a sabayon image now can be even more easier: vagrant init sabayon/spinbase-amd64; vagrant up --provider virtualbox sabayon server edition the server edition is just perfect for those who want to run this distro as a pure server. While scr content is not as stable as main repos (and we put a lot of warnings in the website for this reason) it is now easier and faster than ever before to get bleeding edge packages not available in the official repositories. If you want to have a look at what’s available in our repositories, just go to our packages website. Alternatively, have fun with the guys and gals on google+, or simply +1 us our google+ page. You can find them in our official docker profile. Thanks to the development team did a great job (extra thanks to mudler, optiz0r, enlik, joost_op, lxnay, dgikiller, wolfden) geaaru (bananapi support) release information available releases as for now, we offer 64bit and arm images. 11 is a modern and easy to use linux distribution based on gentoo, following an extreme, yet reliable, rolling release model. Layman -f; emerge -uad world; (the folks on the irc channel also pointed out that sabayon is really just a normal gentoo overlay. Changes this sabayon release is the result of team work, time and care, to provide you with a stable, solid and bleeding edge release.

Please read on for links to the images and torrent files on our mirrors. All the release variants can be found in the download section. They are still found under the “monthly/” directory in the mirrors, but from now you will find tagged stable releases under “stable/” updating sabayon. Since i already had a gentoo machine i didn t want to have to download the sabayon iso and re-install. Sabayon developers have decided to switch to a different release schedule: stable releases will be available (if there are no stoppers) at the end of january, may and october. But we are happy, after a long development period to switch to a more modern and bleeding edge design touch that also works better for mobile devices. New website our old website has been around since the beginning. Development we build, we support, we train submitted by mark clarke on sat, 04/21/2007 - 11:38 for our work machines i tend to use ubuntu and, of course xandros , but at home i like to use something where i can try out the more cutting edge stuff, so i use gentoo. If you are the kind of person who just needs fluxbox/openbox/whatever else, just get the minimal image and you won’t be hit by the “omg candies” bloat that is in the other images. But you are free to choose between the wonderful minimalism of gnome, the eyecandy of kde or the old fart called xfce. Rigo will take care of updating external modules in a reliable and safe way on your behalf.

So there is no real conversion from gentoo as such. More information on how to use scr is available in the wiki page (under construction). Make sure to pass “nomodeset” to the boot command line to force the proprietary drivers to be used instead: head over the wiki for more details.free web cam live sex chat no any credit cade web site.
. This is a major release that is the result of a hard round of testing, and it is published to mirrors with the latest and greatest collection of software available in the entropy repositories. Sabayon community repositories (scr) is a collection of repositories available to sabayon users that could be enabled/removed from the system by using enman – our layman equivalent. Meanwhile we are currently working on the project documentation: guidelines and bylaws can be found on the scr-docs github repository. For amd hardware though, we default to the open source implementation for the supported cards. Since sabayon is basically a gentoo overlay i poped over to the helpful folk on the sabayon irc channel and got how to convert a gentoo system to sabayon. The installer is still anaconda (with text install mode), after install all the additional components required by anaconda are removed from the system. If you want to send feedback about the website or want to contribute, join us on irc or drop an email to [email protected]. .

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updating sabayon

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