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Here i am posting the code which i am using.   public partial class _default : system. Page { sqlconnection con = new sqlconnection( data source=tsaravi\\sql2005,1435;initial catalog=testdb;user id=testdb;password=testdb1 ); dataset ds;   sqldataadapter da; datatable tasktable; protected void page_load(object sender, eventargs e) { if(. Datatable dt = (datatable)session[ dskey ]; //update the values. Findcontrol( txtassteid )); //textbox txtitemid = (textbox)(gridview1 rowupdating event in c. Please help me identify the issue with the code. Text + where assetid= + id + ; if (myconnection. Closed) command = new mysqlcommand(sqlupdate, myconnection); command rowupdating event in c.

Findcontrol( ddlasettype )); dropdownlist ddlsubtype = (dropdownlist)(gridview1. Dataitemindex][ country ] = ((textbox)(row. Editindex = -1; //bind data to the gridview control. Findcontrol( txtassetname )); textbox txtassetdata = (textbox)(gridview1. Databind(); }       rate this: { //textbox txtid = (textbox)(gridview1. Findcontrol( txtassetfilepath )); //session[ txtitem ] = txtitemid. Rowindex];   ds = ((dataset)(session[ dskey ])); grdcountry. Findcontrol( ddlsubtype )); textbox txtassetfilepath = (textbox)(gridview1.

Databind(); } posted 30-may-10 21:10pm accept solutionreject solution in your code, you have not updated your dataset from the ui so how can you can you get updated value on ui. Open(); string qry = select * from companydetails ; ds = new dataset(); da = new sqldataadapter(qry, con); da. Close();   }   protected void editrecord(object sender, gridviewediteventargs e) { grdcountry.all male female dating site in costa rica.
. Protected void updaterecord(object sender, gridviewupdateeventargs e) { gridviewrow row = grdcountry. Session[ tasktable ] = tasktable;   //bind data to the gridview control. Binddata();     } } protected void binddata() { con. Dataitemindex][ contacttitle ] = ((textbox)(row. .

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rowupdating event in c

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