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If your roommate could be on any reality show, which one would they choose.     check out the city now ask the roommates who left the room to come back. Without further adieu, here is how you play the roommate game. 3 %Äåòåë§ó ÐÄÆ 4 0 obj > stream xÍœÛnähr†ïù¼”€evÕÕbÖcï´a;kÁ‹…±jiÝêq·ÔÛ‡yŸÒ7û>þ ÿ ™É )ê°€§d1ffdff“úkþsþ—¼ªù¿àÚöÅáï»pût“ÿ1¿Ë¿û‡Ïu~õ9/ÿÏwt(‹z§gûÑËâ¸ßó}ygwòß^ä­ûíâcþÝÅeu”y•_¼ÉÏòóüâçü/Âà)v]Š®ÜÕyg Ã•eyÕu~q•ïÚ0®ß\÷Àÿ™Ÿ}ö>.     in some place outdoorsy like the australian outback d.     getting out on the field and playing a game e. Get them to write the number of each question on the top of the sheet of paper, and write their answer largely on the rest of the sheet.   where is your roommate’s favorite place to go in (insert city or town your school is located).     get a drink cause they are so dehydrated from the night before c.   can your roommate name 4 adam sandler movies.     my roommate never sees morning 2 roommate dating game questions.     $60, s/he drinks like a fish 4.     a magazine like national geographic or time c.

How many people has your roommate hooked up with this semester. If your roommate could live in one place where would it be a. Roommates should switch roles at this point round 4: fill in the blank 10.     make that a double mixed drink on the rocks c roommate dating game questions.     if your roommate could have a date with one of this celebrity’s, which one s/he pick.     rolls it from the bottom d. …ßjzwí÷·j}iÏ¾Ý 10 years ago, i can’t believe it’s been that long already… i was a resident advisor (ra) or as they called it where i went to school res fellow (shout out to carleton university, ottawa, ontario canada).   want even more questions or ways to play.      chill out by a nice calm lake maybe go for a boat ride d.       what kind of shampoo does your roommate use.  last night when i was posting about my blog on facebook one of my students (shout out to roger) said “michelle, i am totally going to check this out when i run dry of ra ideas.     american idol… they are just so talented d.     chillin’ on a bar stool mindin’ their own business b.

    only when a paper is due e.     $40, the drinks taste better on a saturday night downtown d.     two days before the test sex chat for grannies no credits.
.       who spends the most time in the bathroom. How many nights a week does your roomy go out.     you would be shocked if he/she opened up their mouth b. What concert is your roommate most likely to go to.     only when something bad happens e.  score each team with a correct answer with one point.     weather smeather they wont go outside no mater what 20. Supplies: you act as the host or have a guest come and host the game. There are 15 questions in each of the first two rounds (you can adapt subtract do what ever you’d like to the questions i created a lot so that you can pick and chose your favorites). .

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