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  the dates indicated here have been either extrapolated from rickenbacker catalogs or other literature and/or from speaker date codes. Although the listing is relatively chronological, i have listed the post-1950 8” speaker amps toward the end in a separate category.   subjected to heavy wear and replete with a former owner’s initials.   small, compact steel guitar amp with an 8” speaker; metal housing is black shaded to gray; front grille consists of many small holes in the metal casing.   that amp worked pretty well with my rick 12-string.    now more than ever used with the piggyback amps, none of which had built-in reverb, the electronics of this unit were essentially unchanged from the earlier ‘60s reverb units.   the little brother of the white piggyback brood, this amp was the lowest powered of the foursome.   this early example features two matched jensen p10q blue frame alnico speakers.   notwithstanding this apparently orderly progression, various tolex/grille/control panel variations can be found throughout the white piggyback amp era.   it has all manner of knobs and buttons and two 12” heavy-duty utah speakers.   the cabinet for this amplifier appears to have been recovered; a great job was done in selection of material and execution.

  the cabinet is nearly as large as that of a deluxe, though it only has an oxford 8” speaker and is a low-powered 5 watts, same as the champ.   this amp has been recovered in tweed and fitted with a later-era woven grille. This feature is also referred to as a “drip edge,” which would be eventually phased out in 1969.   i have included the date code (where available) following the description of each amp below.   there seem to be more of these b-16 heads than there are b-16 cabs rickenbacker vintage dating.   the bassman was an amp made – at least in name – for bass players.   the brownface version of the vibrolux graduated from a 10” to a 12” speaker and output was increased from 10 to 35 watts.   features an early uncoded jensen 12” speaker (possibly not the original speaker) and a thick plastic strap handle with aluminum end-caps. ”  the logo plate on this amp designates it as a “fender deluxe.   the combo amps were covered in brown tolex with brown “barrel” knobs, with one exception – the top-of-the-line twin was covered in white tolex with white knobs rickenbacker vintage dating. Note the baffle board between the two speakers and the loose rectangles of raw fiberglass stuffed into each side of the cab’s interior, presumably for sonic purposes.

   also shown are the mounting plates on the bottom of the head.   partially due to the increased weight of the power and speaker components, they were separated into two units.   but that is another story and far beyond what i am able to show here.dating in pomona ca paul recording studio.
. Though the lacquered tweed material is tattered and worn, the brown cloth grille is well-preserved and the electronics and the original jensen bluebell speakers are in original functional condition.   the ’57 has a  jensen p8-v speaker; the other two have jensen p8-u speakers.   i acquired this well-used head and had a compete electronic freshening done on it, new tubes, caps, etc.   (see the early m-11 models for more about permaflux).   la   brown/brownface amps each amp produced during this era had an aluminum control panel with screen-printed lettering on a brown background, this “brownface” control panel was mounted on the top front of the amp on a slant for easy player access. .Babe online free chat cam sex mobil.Adult cyber sex video chat rooms free.

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