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  [tags: profiles, internet, e-mails] :: 3 works citedthe best advertising slogans of all time according to digg users people take their favorite ads seriously–witness the huge response to inc past dating agencies. Com, tony the tiger’s character has evolved over the years: he stands upright rather than on all fours, has traveled to more than 42 countries, and has a wife and a daughter. Outgrew the role, an urban legend claimed he’d been killed by a lethal dose of pop rocks and soda. ” in 1975, ogilvy & mather created this slogan for american express. Advertisement “nothing sucks like an electrolux. Tony’s catchphrase has become one of the longest running and most recognized slogans in tv advertising history. ” created by goodby silverstein & partners for the california milk processor board, this campaign kicked off in october 1993 with a commercial about a history buff who receives a call to answer a $10,000 trivia question, “who shot alexander hamilton in that famous duel. ” launched in 1987 as a large-scale anti-narcotics campaign by a partnership for a drug-free america, this psa featured an egg (“this is your brain”) and an egg frying in a pan (“this is your brain on drugs. Mennen is also known for manufacturing “teen spirit” deodorant, immortalized in an upbeat little jingle by nirvana. (“growing up, i always remembered the ‘i want to be like mike’ ads with jordan past dating agencies. I’ve fallen down a cliff, and i can’t get up” is a fan favorite.

Com’s list last week of the “the 10 best slogans of all time,” which popped up wednesday on digg. Many americans believed the off-color slogan to be an error in translation. ) and a sexy tag line that rapidly became part of the public lexicon, inspiring innumerable spoofs and even a romantic comedy starring ashton kutcher and cameron diaz. The ad, directed by michael bay (“the rock,” “transformers”), was named one of the ten best commercials of all time in a usa today poll. ” launched in 2006 by bbdo, red stripe’s ad campaign was big on the internet, pointing out life’s little annoyances and letting the red stripe ambassador (a stately jamaican guy wearing a sash) “boo” them: “boo annoying children, hooray beer. ” beginning in 1987, life alert ran this campaign for senior citizens who experienced medical emergencies while alone. Thanks to the 1971 james bond flick starring sean connery, this slogan remains etched in our minds—probably forever. Rather than an idiomatic blunder, however, electrolux’s campaign was an edgy pun. Advertisement in honor of slugicide and his ad-obsessed peers, we’ve culled some of the best nominations from digg. Little mikey, who usually “hates everything,” dives in and quickly devours it, to his brothers’ amazement. ” created for grey poupon by lowe & partners in the 1980s, this ad campaign featured a gentleman eating dinner in the back of his chauffeured car.

“gimme a break, gimme a break” since 1957, kit kat’s slogan has been “have a break…have a kit kat. It keeps going, and going…” produced by ddb chicago advertising for energizer since the 1980s, this is the ageless slogan that accompanied the cool bass-drum-beating, shades-wearing pink bunny that has appeared on more tv shows and movies than the baldwins. Throughout the years, the jingle has been rearranged and performed by many famous musicians, including randy travis and aretha talk to horny girls without.
. At a stop sign, another aristocrat pulls alongside the car, rolls down his window, and asks for a spot of the ole poupon. The commercials were among the first to include celebrity cameos, including jim henson, stephen king, and jerry seinfeld. ” because of a mouthful of peanut butter, his answer is unintelligible and his chance at fortune is squandered. “snap into a slim jim” 1992 campaign featured wrestlers macho man randy savage and ultimate warrior yelling and ripping things while attempting to convince american kids that it was cool, and maybe even tough, to eat conagra’s snack of beef and mechanically separated chicken parts. ” and another called m&ms claim to “melt in your mouth, not in your hands” a “dirty, rotten lie. There have been enough allusions to this ad in pop-culture to warrant a list of its own, but will ferrell falling off a cliff in austin powers only to shout “help. .Accommodating disabled sporting events.

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