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You can call it a gender war, but you seem smart enough to realize this isn’t a gender war or civil war this a proxy war designed to keep black people relegated at the bottom. There are plenty of mixed women who feel as though they’re better, prettier, more entitled than black women because society, culture and the media says so. What i think you want is blind alligence and preferential treatment simply by way of your blackness, and that doesn’t fly here. You won’t have to worry because your little babster will take one look at leroy’s raggedy son and shut the door on his nose my daughters dating a black dude.  would you agree with white fathers telling their sons to stay from (sorry i can’t think of, nor will i coin any offensive terms to label black women) solely based on them being black. Steering her toward a race makes it appear that vetting isn’t necessary. And i’ll have comfort in knowing that my girls won’t feel the need to compete with 10 other black girls for “jamal’s” affections because they’ll know they won’t have to cling to that “one good brutha” for dear life.   nobody needs to be demonized because of race, but nobody should get a free pass because of it either. I could care less about whether someone marries outside their race to be honest. You can call me a hater but if that’s what you have to do so be it. Mzsunshine i wouldn’t steer her toward or against any race of men.

As a mom with three girls, i’d be lying if the thought didn’t also once cross my mind. The larger the pool the more likely she will find her prince. Uninterracial well, history has a habit of repeating itself, so, i wouldn’t worry about it too much.  unless there is a clear case of abuse, cheating or whatever, it might be best to leave the decision to date black guys up to your daughter.     if/when i have kids, the only thing i’ll want is for their so to be good to them and to be able to take care of them. It seems like those qualities alone are hard to find these days. Give her a great upbringing let her identify with both races and whoever she choose to love, don’t make her feel guilty for it, even if he does break her heart. Some races/cultures/religions are quite patriarchal, others might be extremely hostile to ir relationships with blacks which can lead to family problems. ——————— dear writer, first off, i want to tell you that you aren’t alone.  that means that “the list” should be conspicuously absent of physical qualities and chock full of adjectives like integrity, honesty, intelligence, ambitious…get my drift. If you want to be totally safe, get her in a multicultural church.

Christelyn @nobullsht2013 what you fail to realize, because you are obviously a black man so your interest is solely for the interests of black men, is that “hatred” doesn’t develop in a vacuum. With all of that info, women have to be careful who and what they marry so i can’t be pc and we are the world. Best interracial dating resources for black women what are some of the best sites out there for black women open to interracial free sexrandom cybersex chat.
. More than likely, our children will follow our example. No one wants to be generalized and you don’t want your daughter/son to think they’re better than a group of people because their parents told them that a specific group of people weren’t worth dating/getting married to. Mamiemooney as the mother of a mixed race daughter, i could never be mad that she is dating a black man… my daughter already knows that good and bad people come in every color of the rainbow. No running away from it, marrying out of it, will stop it. Second, when or where have i defended the derelict behavior of black men my daughters dating a black dude. The women in my family who aren’t fat tend to be very curvacious. .Does updating mac os delete everything.

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Dating males with divored parents.
my daughters dating a black dude

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