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With this in mind, let’s add the months of january through april for the years 2014 and 2015. Therefore, using the common denominator of 24-hour days we can determine the number of days the long count calendar spans, where 360 24-hour days x 5125 lunar years = 1,845,000 24-hour days. Josephus would have risen to power just before or during the time of the hyksos. Confirmation of the mayan 12/21/2012 harbinger date in a reexamination of the avebury crop circle part 1 created july 15, 2008 the celestial alignment depicted in the first part of this two-part formation, was 12/21/2012, which directly correlates with the end of the mayan long count calendar.   the end of the mayan calendar was not a sign post that the world was to end on that date. Jones, he presents the true orbital period of the planet x system, what the mayan calendar date of december 21, 2012 actually meant mayan calendar dating. Whether this was intentional or not, is moot. Com has employed this assumption for years as well. Now let’s see how that compares with a lunar calculation. Likewise, scholars tell us that the pre-classic period of the mayan culture scholars started in about 2600 bc. It is used mainly for religious purposes, but in saudi arabia it is the official calendar. With this correct dating in mind, it is time to revisit the 12/21/2012 mayan harbinger date, to see if the data supports this as a harbinger date for the approach of the planet x system mayan calendar dating. The actual time in egypt was only 185 to 215 years according to most writers; however, midrash abkhir specifically states 86 years in egypt (rappoport 1966, vol. 25 24-hour days x 3600 solar years equals an orbit of 1,314,900 24-hour days. So, in fairness to the mayans, let’s set this modern day voodoo science to one side. Gregorian years are identified by consecutive year numbers. What does this harbinger point to, the coming flyby of the planet x system.

I dont think anybody especially non-indigenous people know much about them still. Likewise, this date also ties back to the existence of the sumerians at that same time, which gives further credence to the proposition that anunnaki knowledge influenced both cultures. This is why the significance of the long count calendar tasked us to dig a little deeper. We can fairly trust that most if not all the anunnaki returned to nibiru around 1446 bc and that they will be returning soon. When we add 2012 data to the graph above, we begin to see a moderate increase in monthly rates. The second question is, why in the lead up to 12/21/2012 was this harbinger so grossly misunderstood. Here is where the assumption that he was speaking about solar years came to be. The flaw in this solar calendar assumption always created a historical gap between the basic 3,600 year orbit assumption and the generally established dates for the exodus. The difference between the two is 18,900 24-hour days. Some of it came from their predecessors the olmec civilization. The data for this short period is unsettling, but more so when viewing in a larger time span. Like the exodus flyby in 1536 bc, the preceding flyby in 5084 bc was also a best case scenario. Remember, the mayan long count lunar calendar is 5125 years in length using a 360 day year. Of these 400 years, 303 are regular years of 365 days and 97 are leap years of 366 days. The book of jubilees counted 400 years from abraham’s entry into canaan. The result was that the significance of 12/21/2012 was buried under a tidal wave of disinformation and misinformation. The alignment from solar scope for july, 1536 bc is shown below and was modified to depict the path of the nemesis / planet x system during its exodus flyby.

Given that king gilgamesh ruled sumer in 2700 bc and that the mayan pre-classic culture began in or about 2600 bc, it stands to reason that the anunnaki likely influenced both cultures. Therefore it is not unreasonable to believe they traveled to mesoamerica for this very purpose. Therefore the 3,600 orbit length of nibiru as translated by sitchin from sumerian artifacts was based on a lunar sex chat philippines no registration.
. Protestants and eastern orthodox countries continued to use the traditional julian calendar and adopted the gregorian reform after a time, for the sake of convenience in international trade. And yes i think the nagual has affected my views over time; not exactly something you figure out, but the time and memory rhythm of now not really existing since it constantly moving out of it. With this in mind, let’s do the planet x math for a solar year, and then for a lunar year. A common purely lunar calendar is the islamic calendar or hijri qamari calendar. We can see that the elites have used and propagated this misnomer as a means to create confusion. Sadly they did not anticipate their decline and eventually being replaced by the tolmec’s followed by the aztec. For example, during this time, scholars tell us the sumerian civilization began about 4000 bc and thrived to about 1000 bc. The months of december 2012 through april 2013 are shown below. 25 days in a solar year, where 18,900 24-hour days / 365. No doubt, those who oppose sitchin work for religious and other reasons will play havoc with this, but before they do, let’s frame this error with a proper perspective. Foreword by marshall masters as reported in a previous video, in august 2012 during an interview with national geographic, i was asked if there was a connection between the mayan calendar and planet x. 2425 days = 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds. .Indian online dating sites review.

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