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Createremoteeventreceiverclientcontext(properties)) { if (clientcontext. Significant contribution for the first problem was provided by my boss, thanks for him. =aftertitle) { string siteurl = item[constants. I used event receivers to redirect changes to other site collection and then deploy it to few others site collections. Executequery(); try { string beforetitle = properties. Example is below: public class documenteventreceiver : spitemeventreceiver { private httpcontext _context; public documenteventreceiver () { _context = httpcontext. Private void handleitemupdated(spremoteeventproperties properties) { using (clientcontext clientcontext = tokenhelper. Monday, april 11, 2011 getting file content from the itemadding method of spitemeventreceiver today i have spent a lot of time to find the way to get file content (binary data and file name) from the itemaddingmethod of spitemeventreceiver. The following code tell me the beforeproperties array is empty.

Tostring(); clientcontext subsitecontext = new clientcontext(siteurl); web projectsubsite = subsitecontext. Anyway, i think practice is more interested for you. Title = aftertitle; fieldurlvalue updatedsiteurl = new fieldurlvalue(); updatedsiteurl. Tostring(); string aftertitle = item[constants. Description = aftertitle + site ; item[constants. Be careful, there could be empty files, you need to check contentlength property firstly itemupdating get. It is possible to extract files data from httpcontext. Up vote 4 down votefavorite can i get the before properties in item updated. Current; } public override void itemadding(spitemeventproperties properties) { httpfilecollection files = context.

I use now synchronous itemadded receiver and extract file content directly from the item, this is not perfect solution, but i use what i have. You only need to add default constructor, where context will be initialized and get all uploading files from request. Contentlength > 0) { stream stream = files[key].fake profile married dating site.
. Inputstream; string filepath = files[key]. = null) { list requestlist = clientcontext. I need to check if a field changed its value, between the previous and the new value in a rer with csom. Filename; } } } } what is about itemaddingmethod, will ask you. Httpcontext doesn t contain any information about changed file content itemupdating get. .

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