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 this gauge will show the remaining battery life. This icon indicates that airplay is in use. Do not disturb is a feature in ios 6 and later that silences calls and other noti fications, and allows you to select who you accept notifications from or at what time you accept them. Any other differences in ios 7 will be noted below. A sim is required to activate an iphone, but you can choose to take it out afterwards. It will have a number in the upper right of the icon indicating how many devices are connected to the hotspot (up to 5). In older ios versions, go to settings > general > cellular > personal hotspot ipac sex chat. It will only appear in ios 7 and later, and it is only present on the lock screen.  this icon appears if your device is currently being synced, either wirelessly (ios 5 or later) or when plugged in to itunes.  when your device is connected to a vpn, this icon will appear in the status bar. Corresponding apple club article: (will take you to the apple club s advice and articles page)  this appears in the upper left if you have an iphone or ipad with 3g/4g capability. The status bar may also appear red under certain circumstances, like if you are recording in garageband or if you are on a call in skype (these are both downloadable apps). Sexy webcam online strip shows, sex shows, you name it.  this will appear if no 3g or 4g or other signal can be attained or if the sim in the phone has not been activated.  this will appear if no sim card is inserted in the phone. To configure vpn, go to settings > general > vpn (near the bottom). Note: the ios 7 and later status bar icons are generally the same, but may have a different color scheme, i. For the cellular model ipad, it will display ipad if you are not actively signed up with a carrier, but otherwise, it will display the carrier name.

In ios 7 and later, it is green when the device is connected to a charger, and is charged more than 20%. In ios 7, dots are used instead of bars to signify the signal strength.  this icon appears when the device is on the lock screen. If you have both a wi-fi and 3g/4g connection, the iphone will choose wi-fi for these reasons. Keywords: chat, straight, private, latina, cams, bdsm, asian, tranny, rtubelive, bellelafleur cam dec 5, 2017 apple club back to:    everyone is familiar with this bar at the top of the screen, but maybe there are some symbols you don t recognize. In ios 7 and later, instead of the small circle, gprs will be displayed. When the battery is less than 20%, it is red ipac sex chat. That s all these are all icons that may appear at the top of the screen.  this icon means that iphone is able to use a tty device. If you see any icon not listed here, chances are your device is jailbroken, and we do not support such devices on this site.  this icon means that an app is currently using your device s location if you have location services enabled. This function is off by default, and if you want to turn it off or on, go to settings > phone > tty.  this icon means that call forwarding is set up. The iphone will still be able to connect via wi-fi, and cannot place calls or use text messaging (unless using imessage). It displays your signal strength anywhere from one to three bars, with one being a weak signal and three being strong. Go to settings > battery > low power mode to adjust this. Another is if you are using the airplay feature. You may also notice that sometimes, your status bar is blue.

 this icon shows up when another device is connected to your personal hotspot. Lte is another type of cellular connection, like 3g and 4g, and is the fastest connection available. The iphone 2g, 3g and 3gs use sim cards, the iphone 4 and 4s use a micro sim card, and the iphone 5 uses a nano sim card.are ellen pompeo and patrick dempsey dating.
.                                                     this icon appears if an app is using a geofence around your location.                            this is the same icon in ios 7 and later. Hopefully now, you are familiar with them. Alarms can be set or cancelled in the clock app. This means that you are using an edge connection where 3g/4g is not available. ( 4g indicates that the device is operating on an hspa+ network on an at&t or t-mobile device, not lte. Geofences are perimeters set up around locations. Back:rtubelive - live sex chat, sex shows and webcam sex - amateur cams and pornstars rtubelive features live webcam models streaming direct to you from their homes and studios around the world. It will indicate if you are currently connected to the internet by a 3g or 4g connection. To the right of this is the name of your carrier. Now, moving on to some other icons that you may not be familiar with. This means that you are connected to the internet by a wi-fi connection.  this means that there is some activity going on in the network. In ios 6 and earlier, the lightning bolt symbol will appear on top of the battery symbol, rather than next to it, when charging. .

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