Dropdownlist rowupdating


Published on : 2017-05-01 13:41:42

So, the most wild guess is that, something is causing the grid to bind again before rowupdating event, as we initially did during load. Now, it goes to rowupdating event, but the updated values are lost because grid is already reset in page load. Addwithvalue( @departmentmanager , assignnewmanagr); updatecommnad. Below are the event handlers for the update and the cancel buttons. As it is coming to page load, so it calls the bind method again and re-binds the grid. Meenakhi unable to genrate dropdown event selectedindexchange in gridview s edit template protected void gridviewdepartment_rowupdating(object sender, gridviewupdateeventargs e) { getconnection = connection. Editindex = -1; getdepartmentlist(); }  . Findcontrol( ddldepartmanager )); string assignnewmanagr = ddlmanager. Datasource = departmenttable; // rebind the gridview gridviewdepartment dropdownlist rowupdating. So, don’t wait, just share with everybody you know, who can understand this. Editindex = -1; getdepartmentlist(); }  below are the event handlers for the update and the cancel buttons.

Inside the update event handler, the temporary datatable is fetched back from the viewstate variable and then the row to be updated is identified using the rowindex of the gridview row whose update button was clicked. Rowindex; // update index you want to edit gridviewdepartment. Write(assignnewactive); string spupdatedepartment = spmodifydepartment ; sqlcommand updatecommnad = new sqlcommand(spupdatedepartment, getconnection); updatecommnad. Write(assignnewmanagr); string assignnewactive = ((dropdownlist)gridviewdepartment. Text;     datatable dt = viewstate[ dt ] as datatable;     dt. If you remember, in step-2, we did bind the grid, which is actually called on the page load like… according to the grid page load. Addwithvalue( @active , assignnewactive); updatecommnad. Finally the temporary datatable is saved back in viewstate and the gridview is again populated with the updated temporary datatable. Go and share this with your friends this issue sometimes kills time. Then the values to be updated are fetched from the textboxes and are assigned to the respective columns of the datatable row. We need to find out what exactly in code is helping rowupdating event to give old values.

We have to check if the page is posted back or not. Databind(); int departmentid = (int)gridviewdepartment. Inside the cancel event handler, the gridview editindex is set to -1 and the gridview is populated with data from the temporary datatable saved in viewstate.sex dating in minneiska minnesota.
. If we move our mouse on to the variables, which hold the cell values, we can see the old value instead of new updated value (refer the debugging screen shot at the top). We can see that gridview adds update and edit button. Gridview cell showing updated value it hits the breakpoint, we have set inside the rowupdating event. Addwithvalue( @departmentid , departmentid); updatecommnad. Rowindex][ name ] = name; edit button in any row. Setconnection(); gridview gridviewdepartment = (gridview)sender; gridviewdepartment. Value; dropdownlist ddlmanager = ((dropdownlist)gridviewdepartment. .

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dropdownlist rowupdating

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