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I do get super excited when i hear meat eaters talk about plant based diets, i am ever the optomist and believe that the average staple diet will change.  the last few years i usually just find a nice place and stay there as i prefer just being in a healthy environment rather than spending my time in planes, or buses.   i want to meet those whom are closer to my ideas and interests. I like deep conversation, but like to laugh and be silly. Well, its never easy to describe oneself in just a few words - for i believe we are all like rivers in flow.   i m a capricorn ascendant, sagittarius sun, sagittarius venus, taurus moon, gemini mars person.   philadelphia, pennsylvania, vegan diet, have you ever heard what they say about your 30s and 40s. I love all people of any age, gender, culture, and beliefs. Thinking about all of this absolutely fascinates me. As for vegetarianism- i have been a vegetarian nearly all my life, but admit to having fallen off the wagon for several years. This and my love of animals are the reasons why i chose to go vegan in the first place. My dating philosophy is: run as fast as you can towards god, and if someone keeps up, introduce yourself. I m also practicing acceptance and loving what is and really appreciate when i can do this with others. I prefer them to be living than tortured, raped, kidnapped & slaughtered. I am always reading, watching, and listening to inspiational or educational materials that offer wonderful nuggets of insight for a better life. It helps me be productive and get a lot accomplished - i love to move and cannot sit still for long periods of time (don’t worry, i can sit through a movie, trip or dinner). I am not an activist or zealot and will not be ranting about the food industry.  i practice reiki with family and friends.

-must possess hopeless romantic tendencies. I love films, music and a long walk through the beach or the countryside.     i m one of those people that seem shy at first, but warm up the more you get to know them. At about age 6 when i found out where milk, meat & eggs came from took a stand that i didn t want to eat my friends but didn t have the courage to stand strong and eventually was conditioned to think that was a fact of life.   i also love music (yes, that is me singing in the car next to you. From studying and practicing a course in miracles and the way of mastery, forgiveness and unconditional love now come naturally. I went to stanford so intelligence will be nice. There is a spiritual perspective that i believe is pervasive in my life, though i am living a fairly worldly life. I have been doing some organic farming, teaching cooking classes, yoga and host other health workshops over the years. I dont have a tv decided to cut the cord years ago.   i hope you ll write so we can at least be friends. I think i am generally responsible otherwise. I listen to classical music while working and it personifies the now viral saying keep calm and carry on for me. I ve had dreadlocks most of my life and am thinking about starting them again but i need a reason, maybe someone to dread with, or establish a meaning for a new set of locks. I am a vegan because i want animals to live their natural life free of suffering. Sheboygan, wisconsin, veggie/vegan diet, friendship is the beginning and the basis of all long term relationships, based on commonalities, similar visions, and principals. San jose, california, vegetarian diet, i would describe myself as someone who is simple, down to earth, mature guy with a good sense of humor. When i have time, i love being in nature going on hikes or walks with my dog, kayaking or canoeing in the river and being at the ocean.

I ve been vegetarian since my 20s and just committed to 100% vegan in the past year. I enjoy most activities and quiet times especially when in good company dating yoga woman. I love to be outside, hiking, swimming, kayaking, going to the dog park, and whatnot, but i m definitely not a huntin & fishin type of girl, nor am i attracted to the type who dating in cudahy wisconsin.
. Connect with likeminded singles women have known for years that practicing yoga is one of the best things they can do for their minds and bodies, but men have been a bit slow to catch up dating yoga woman.   when i find a person, topic or issue which piques my interest, i can become very curious, and focused. I believe our universe is full of endless possibilties. Thx  heidelberg, germany vegan diet, i appreciate science, natural medicine (my profession), and i like to travel, explore, read, and use my creativity. Idkw ) concerts, being around my people (aka family/friends), & lots more. I m a vegan (for the animals and planet), i m spiritual, work hard and have a good job. Next i ll be in spain visiting my niece who is studying there. I can be humorous (at it s best cleverly so). I live in a small town in upstate ny, and there aren t many vegan options or other vegans in my area. I was born & raised in ma halfway beteen boston & cape cod. I was very dedicated to hours of daily yoga/ meditation practices and life as teenager and young adult, and have a smaller practice now. I had a small health food store in the temple and i also taught english.  women who do yoga are down with your spiritual side and will accept you for who you are. .Asian dating method give a female a review guide.

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