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The following table shows stratocaster pickup specs from 1954 to 1967. Also vintage fender magnets are alnico and not ceramic. Note the magnet polarity was changed in 1960 (even though seymour thought it was 1958, other data suggests it s more like 1959/1960). Tg means the top of the bobbin is turning away from the winder. Dead pickups will register open (no resistance). In 1965, fender changed to machine winding , as it is a completely automated process. This causes many 1965 and later fender pickups to warp , where the flatwork will actually buckle and curve. Note the difference bewteen parallel and series wiring of pickups/coils. You can also measure the ohms of the pickup. Hence the flatwork did not fit as tightly around the magnets. These look like better quality but hard to tell what you have. Then the wire is wound around the magnets dating vintage dimarzio pickups. Wax that is heated too much without temperature monitoring can spontaneously combust like fuel dating vintage dimarzio pickups. Since the windings of older fender pickups are in direct contact with the magnets, this has caused some problems. Humbuckers with the covers can excessively feedback too, so you can pot them with the covers on to minimize feedback.

The two coils are wired in series so the total resistance is additive, hence producing a hotter and quieter pickup (if the two coils were wired in parallel, the total resistance is half the sum of the resistances of each individual coil, assuming both coils are about the same resistance). That is, the height of the individual magnet pole pieces. As the wax penetrates the coil you will see air bubbles coming out of the pickup. 1954 to 1967 fender stratocaster pickup specs year potting a pickup. Therefore, if the magnets are pushed thru the flatwork, they are less likely to tear the windings. If you only have one or two pickups to pot, buying the wax will cost you more than having the job done professionally. You can ruin a perfectly good pickup trying to pot it. After many years of use, fender pickups die much more regularly than any other brand of pickups. Most of this information is from seymour duncan. One torn winding will create a dead pickup (see the paragraph above). Hand winding: this is also known as scatter winding , where the pickup wire is wound on the bobbin in a random manor. The water is heated directly by the heat source, not the wax container. Anything that can vibrate on a pickup can cause feedback: the covers, loose boobins, a loosely wound coil, a loose baseplate (tele pickups), loose magnets, etc. Cloth wire is always a good sign of a better pup; cheaper ones tend to have pvc wiring and are often ceramic with magnets on the bottom plate. Also this is why single coil pickups that are wound with tons of wire (to approach humbucking ohms) don t sound very good.

Winding direction (wd): this is the direction in which the pickup was wound. Turns or windings: this is the number of turns of wire used on the pickup. But because the pots are in-circuit, an open pickup may read some bizarre high resistance, and the value may bounce up and down (again, due to the magnet properties of coils and the pots in the circuit).vedio sex hide web cam direct watch.
. ) also the position of the pickup switch can effect values too, as can your fingers if they are touching the meter s probes. For this reason, i recommend letting a professional do this for you. Note the actually outside diameter (od) varies slightly even though it s the same gauge. You should do the ohm test right at the pickup leads, and to do it right, have one lead disconnected from the circuit (but please don t desolder any vintage guitar pickup leads. Now, after the magnets are installed in the flatwork, lacquer is sprayed over the magnets and flatwork. If you see the chart below, notice how consistent the strat pickup specs get when machine wound (after 1964). A double boiler is the best way to heat wax. This compares to gibson, which started using double coil (humbucking) pickups in 1957. But be aware, higher resistance comes at a cost: lose of treble frequencies. This in turn changes the inductance and capacitance of the pickup, and hence the tone. Because of the lack of a wound third (g) sting, some musicians push the g string magnet down through the flatwork, moving it further away from the strings. .

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