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I hope this helps, and best of luck if you do decide to go to the us. Indian dating: tradition and family indian culture is rich in tradition, with family life highly valued dating tips indian girls. But yea, it might take more work because they ll be hesitant, but if you can go past all that and make her feel like you really care for her and would do anything, it will work, i ve seen interracial marriages between indian and whites all the time. But just because of that, doesn t mean she won t go out with an indian guy if she finds one who hooks up with her. As long as a guy s nice, reasonably intelligent, and somewhat attractive (not supermodel gorgeous or anything, but just has some sort of physical feature/characteristic that i m interested in), i definitely wouldn t care what his race was. And it s all about approach, if you don t approach girls they are not going to think, oh look at that indian guy that won t approach me, maybe i should go up to him and impress him with my knowledge of dishes made with curry.

And no matter what they say, most white girls wouldn t mind dating an indian guy anyways. And if they are, it s usually to specific indians who, because the above is true for them, won t even pursue a white girl in the first place. 5 mho 21% well, i m from canada, but i don t mind indian guys at all. If you’re not indian and ask the expertsdo indian guys have any chance to date an american girl. I think the biggest reason why white girls are automatically close minded about dating an indian guy, is they fear the following -he is just dating me because he thinks white girls are more loose or easier to get. Besides, i love travelling and learning about other cultures, so i d love to hear more about life in india.

It might not seem that it s not because when it comes to actually picking what race, say a white girl, is picking, she will most likely say she wants to date a white guy, that will be her number one option. As a matter of fact, you ll see quite a few indian girls with white guys, and those marriages turn out perfect. So basically, i ve dated white girls and let em know that their biases of us aren t necessarily adult sex also chating mobile sites.
. So you have to go up to them and not let anything like race get in your way. There isn t really a specific race that i m attracted to/not attracted to. .

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dating tips indian girls

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