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The fiberous material was added to the bakelite to add strength (bakelite is too brittle and would crack at that thickness without it). 1964 to 1967: fender used kluson tuners, but now the kluson deluxe was stamped into two vertical lines ( kluson in one line, deluxe in the other). A virgin 1960 stratocaster pickup assembly with no broken solder joints, black bottom pickups, cloth wire, flat box-shaped paper tone cap, rubber pickup springs, flat edge 3-way switch, cts pots, and an aluminum pickguard shield all attached to a green pickguard. In the 1950 s, this metal shield was much thicker (. Click here to see the difference between reissue and original fender butterfly string trees. Rosewood fingerboards, 1980 and later: starting in 1980, fender switched back to the slab rosewood fingerboard style, made from indian rosewood (except on certain recent custom shop models). And by 1981, all fender models converted back to the 4 bolt neck plate. Mid 1956 to current: all models used alder as the body wood. Fingerboard material maple fingerboard, 1950s: from the start in 1950, fender used a one piece maple neck with a walnut skunk stripe down the back (except on early esquires with no truss rod), where the truss rod was installed. From 1958 to mid-1959, the case stayed the same except now the interior was a much shorter burnt orange plush dating fender vintage reissues. Alder trees do not grow big , so multiple pieces were used for fender guitar bodies. Mid to late 1970s: the logo on the black tolex case changed yet again. Click here to see a comparison of vintage versus reissue kluson tuner bushings dating fender vintage reissues. Fender cases: starting around 1961, jennings musical industries of unity house dartford road, dartford kent, was the sole fender distributor in the u. In 1963 to early 1964, the exterior again changed on fender cases. The b neck width is the normal width, as used on about 99% of all fenders from this period. Later jack cups are pressed steel and have smoother edges and smooth sides. The musicmaster family also used slab fingerboards (usually indian rosewood) for about a year from sept 1965 to oct 1966. Till the end of 1964 fender used clay dots as position markers.

Click here for a picture of the early thermometer and poodle style telecaster cases. The same lacquer-coated tweed outside and bright red shag plush lining was used, but the interior pick pocket was moved to the side next to the neck. This material was used till january 1965 when fender switched to vinyl or abs for their multilayer pickguards (celluloid was dangerous and very flamable, and shrunk with time causing cracks). 1980: fender starts using different truss rod systems, depending on the model. 3 bolt neck plates: starting in early 1971, the stratocaster, telecaster thinline, custom telecaster, telecaster bass used 3 bolt neck plate (the telecaster and precision bass always used 4 bolt neck plates). The first generation rectangle case used in 1954 was called the center pocket tweed case. The quote from al petty is, if you have one of those switches in your fender, you probably have an employee guitar or it was a guitar for someone special. Most gray bottom pickups have a deep burgundy colored pickup wire. 1963 to present: all models use a standard ceramic pancake-shaped tone capacitor. Most gray bottom pickup assemblies have at least one pickup with a hand written date. Considered pre-cbs (even though cbs bought fender in january 1965). 4 to 6 digit neck plate serial numbers this style of neck plate started in 1954. Pickup screw springs are now actually real cone-shaped springs instead of rubber surgical tubing. 1956: fender necks change to a large and chunky soft v profile. Right pic: left to right: tweed, brown tolex, white tolex. This logo had two black plastic rivets holding the logo to the case exterior. Strat tremolo blocks 1971-1981: case metal which is now part of the bridge plate. It is missing on 99% of all original tweed cases today. This allowed fender to be less picky with their choice of alder, because the sunburst is less transparent.

Strat bridge saddles and tremolo blocks bridge saddles 1954-1971: the stratocaster used the same bridge saddle from 1954 to 1971, a piece of steal stamped into shape. 1971: two butterfly clips are used for the e, b, g, & d strings on the stratocaster, telecaster, telecaster deluxe, custom telecaster. Esquires, broadcasters, telecasters 1950 to 1954 (number on bridgeplate).golf singles golf dating romances woman.
. Click here to see a comparison of vintage versus reissue kluson tuners. White dots: used on rosewood fingerboards (jazzmaster in 1958, all other models in mid-1959). These black bakelit tips are made by daka-ware, with the earliest round tips only saying pat. Jazzmasters and jaquars also used other colors like red and blue. But all polyester finishes are very thick and glossy compared to the early lacquer finishes. Le(xxxxxx) = blonde jazzmasters and jaguars with gold hardware made in 1994. Also the pickup screw springs are made out of rubber surgical tubing cut into small 3/8 long pieces. Click here to see the difference between vintage and repro fender truss rod nuts. Still shaped like a guitar, the poodle case had one flat side that did not follow the contours of the guitar (this was the side of the case that rested on the ground when the case was set down by the handle). But these are stamped fender fender) on the saddle. Definately a diamond logo during this period. In the late 1960s, white stratocaster pickguards change slightly (not sure about other models). The picture below it shows the low e/a string saddle, and how it is ground flat on the bottom. The new fender did not acquire any physical assets of the old company, just the name fender. .Free sex hook up sites that require no credit card.

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