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In each case the longest stay is fixed to the outer sill, the other two to the inside of the window frame. Other windows have the simplest variety of catch, with a plain turnbuckle comprising a flat-sectioned ‘latch’ and a round-sectioned handle, all slightly different and carried on varying small undecorated baseplates. Dating can be difficult, but many iron casements with turnbuckles belong to the later 17th century and the early 18th century. It is therefore all the more important to retain any that still remain; even partial or broken catches and handles tell us something of the house’s history and should be kept. Alongside is the modern bar stay, which clearly would not be able to hold the window this far open. The catches in particular, with their wonderful variety of forms, are a marvellous reminder of man’s basic creativity and ingenuity, and are worthy of more attention than they usually receive. Windows with saddle bars will commonly also have a stanchion to provide security in the opening light. Only the spring catch in the hall chamber is likely to be original. Occasionally windows have two stanchions per light: these are for security, rather than for fixing the leaded lights, and generally seem to date from the later 17th century dating antique furn. As with the catches, the date range of each type is large and they cannot as yet be used for more precise dating. The disadvantage of this type of quadrant stay is that it will only hold the window fully open; there is no halfway position dating antique furn.

To become an affiliated national or local consultant, dealer, appraiser, etc. Some very elaborate designs are known, but most take one of three forms; the tulip leaf, the spiral or the knob (figure 10). Cockspur catches have been found in houses dated 1716 in suffolk, 1720 on the isle of wight and 1721 in surrey, and in 18th century houses in east sussex (see figure 4c). One house with a huge variety of window fittings is 38, latimer in buckinghamshire (figure 5). Letters written between 1692 and 1695 from the steward to the owner of levens hall in westmorland refer to the use of ‘quarry’ glass (meaning diamond panes) in various buildings around the estate, including the stables and the clock house. In the 17th and 18th centuries, cross-windows (figure 2) were common. Rim handles to avoid putting undue strain on the catch when opening and shutting the window, casements were usually provided with a handle attached to the bottom rim. Unfortunately turnbuckles are easily broken and there are many examples of baseplates with either no turnbuckle at all or with what is obviously a much later replacement in a contrasting style. The casements are made of wrought iron and have a variety of ironwork fittings; catches to hold them shut, stays to hold them open, and handles for moving them. Iron casements continued in use throughout the 18th century and even into the 19th century, often being used for attics and service rooms while the rest of the house was given fashionable sashes. In order to provide more variation, the house at latimer has three stays for each window, all of different lengths, so that the casement can be fully open, half open or almost closed.

This design has a baseplate, usually decorative, attached to the iron frame of the casement (figure 4a). Figure 3 (above) a wrought iron casement with horizontal saddle bars and diamond leaded lights in cheddington, bucks.   rather we are a forum for antique furniture lovers and collectors, where individual buyers, sellers and services providers can connect.question to ask a guy before you dating him.
. If you re a lover of authentic and rare early american antique furniture you ve come to the right place. Here you will find hundreds of items that belong to individuals and estates. Stanchions were slender bars of either iron or wood, square in section, which were set diamond-wise in the centre of each light. Alternatively there may be a separate iron loop next to the handle. Commonly they were set into mortises in the window frame, but some iron ones had broad flattened ends which were nailed to the wooden window frame (figure 6). .Cam to cam cyber sex with girls free.Adult chat colorado denver in line.

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