Dating a small town boy


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I was suddenly very aware of my city-ness around him, even before he told me i was too city. My first wife was a country girl and the one place she will do well is where she tells the devil give me your horns and your tail, i m a better devil than you. Seeing each other almost every day is a good way to get tired of each other s company fast. The question is: do you think that country people and city people can possibly be compatible for a relationship. And forget getting decent reception on cable tv dating a small town boy. And that s where the vast majority of single people live. Grew up in the suburbs, spent my college days in an urban environment and spent my life since out in the country. There are huge differences in attitude and lifestyle, but it shouldn t be a problem if there is a common basis of respect and social grace. And maybe you were like an open book to her. My city girl wife would never want to move to the country dating a small town boy. I don t think that it was only a matter of you being a country boy and her being a city girl.   reputation: 5413 i really doubt that the issue of the op being from the country is really the factor that is causing the woman to possibly lose interest. I was in a relationship with a man from oklahoma and he was the embodiment of every negative stereotype i have ever seen and heard about country folk. Some of your friends on views various issues are a little outdated. I imagine the clampetts seemed like the trumps to him.

I personally don t care, i can live either place as long as she is in the same place. And i may live on a small farm, but i don t wear western wear and cowboy hats and things like that. Country people have complex sides to their character, just like everyone else. Maybe she should ring up my ex ( a city boy) for a family reunion. Thankstwo months isn t a very long time for a relationship and perhaps you were seeing each other too often. No matter how much you thought it sucked you really missed it once you left. Again, that shouldn t be as hard as it looks. I also enjoy my job in the city that i commute to (45 minutes) and like all the entertainment that the city has to offer and have the best of both worlds. Greener pastures(no pun) are waiting around the bend for you. I don t miss it at all, love the country and i love country boys. You town only had one barber, doctor, post office, or dentist. Fortunately, i know that s not all there is out here.   monative34 that s my biggest obstacle of dating. This gal may be basing her apprehensions on them. When you see someone every day, things can get boring quickly as every time you see each other, there isn t much new or exciting to talk about or do with each other.

It s very common because the big cities are where the jobs are and small town america loses most of their graduating high school classes for that very reason.   reputation: 1562 green acres that s the place to be. You may have smothered the relationship by you getting too serious about her too soon.sagittarius female dating sagittarius male.
. If you don t try to approach her (instead just ignore her), she may take the first steps to renew your friendship. Obviously this person values her city life and has distanced you from it because she doesn t see you in it and doesn t see you giving up that part of yourself. You had to check someone s extended family history before dating them. She just assumed i lived around farms and had to drive an hour to get groceries. I can t even stand the thought of living in a big city, which is why the only cityboys i ve ever dated are the ones who get sick of the noise and the people. I never thought it mattered whether you re country or urban as long as you like each other. If the op is a dedicated countryboy who wants absolutely nothing to do with the city, that wouldn t work. Now i know there are a lot of red flags and i probably should just move on, but i m curious about this. After two months, she found out everything about you, so the romantic adventure to her was done. .Live chat with sluts without credit card.Adult singles dating metcalf georgia.

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dating a small town boy

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