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Power tubes--a pair of 6l6gcs (5881s originally specified). Note: since this article was written tung-sol, electro harmonix and jj electronics have released 6v6 tubes suitable for high plate voltages making them a great option for these amps. Recommend using matched pair of 6l6gcs or nos 6l6gs, gas, gbs, or wgb, or 5881s. It must have good quality heater insulation.   for instance, he confirmed our assumption that the amp chassis were put into stock after being stamped with serial numbers and that the chassis were pulled from the stock bins randomly (just as with fender guitar neck plates). Most push-pull fender tube amps have a tube bias adjustment inside, which varies the idling current in the power tubes (all at once).   this info may make some vintage dealers cringe when they find out how common some of these amps really are, but that’s just tough noogies dating a fender. So long as one tube from each pair is on one side of the transformer, and the other is on the other side, the amp will balance.   i just discovered that the silverface bandmaster speaker cabinet (the big, tall one without tilt-back legs) is ported (see photo). Production along with dating amps by serial numbers, we were interested in determining production totals, if possible. (refer to the chart shown below) yy = is a one or two digit code indicating the year of manufacture.

This tube tends to wear out faster than the other preamp tubes.   the chassis weren t used chronologically.   at first glance you’d think there were about 3,700 bandmasters made, but you’d be wrong. We understand that some technicians recommend ei or preferred series 7025 for this duty. A low- noise, low-microphony 12ax7 or 7025 is recommended. ” regarding production he recounted the following information:  “i think i remember being pushed to come up with 30 of the simpler chassis (super reverb.   we also received a report of a tweed 5g12 concert.   of course i tended to hurry more when they were there, and i would fumble more, too. Twin 6g8a; showman 6g14a first tube is first channel preamp, 7025 is specified. This tube need not be low -noise or low-hum, nor does it need to be tested for microphony dating a fender. Second tube is vibrato channel preamp, 7025 is specified.

  this is similar to the early ‘50s telecaster and precision bass having their own unique serial number system. The last preamp tube before the power tubes is the phase inverter , seen only in push-pull amps (those having 2 or 4 output tubes).   there is some debate about how to interpret the production code information on late ‘50s to mid-1967 tube charts and greg huntington is still working with sex with women no bullshit credit cards.
. Do not attempt to use 5y3, 5v4 or 5u4 types.   notice that the original fender back panel was removed and replaced with a hagström panel. Fourth tube is the driver and reverb recovery amplifier. For example, if you find pots from late ‘64 and transformers from early ’65, you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1965. Inexpensive russian 5u4gs are readily available and suitable.   he recalled, “we just went to a big bin every morning and loaded our wheeled rack with a batch of whatever chassis we were working on that day. .He is dating someone else now what.

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dating a fender

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