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His character could be seen as a parody of a young george w. Though expected to die within three years, the doctors believed that stinkmeaner s love of hatred kept him alive as he dedicated the rest of his life to making everyone s lives a living hell. He made a cameo appearance in return of the king but had no speaking lines. It appears that wuncler s pettiness and self-serving nature knows no bounds, as in the episode the red ball, he admits to orchestrating an elaborate hoax in order to emotionally traumatize huey into never playing kick-ball again, by convincing huey that he was responsible for giving a young girl a. Robert was also a fighter pilot in world war ii, during which time he flew a p-51 mustang with the tuskegee airmen. But by the time huey realizes stinkmeaner is a regular old man, having had the match legally sanctioned prior at the last second to ensure no prosecution, the fight ended with robert unintentionally killing stinkmeaner. His last name, rummy, matches the nickname given to rumsfeld that was often spoken by president george w. Xzibit (voiced by himself) – xzibit pimps the freemans car dorothy as a result of one of riley s scams, and makes a short appearance in the second season when granddad asks him to assist with a diss rap. Secondary fictional characters[edit] the dubois family[edit] thomas lancaster dubois (voiced by cedric yarbrough) – tom dubois is the freemans wimpy, geeky across-the street neighbor who works as an attorney. The episode the garden party strongly evidences his hatred of black people to the point that when riley, huey and granddad arrive he exclaims, in an ignorant misuse of the hospital emergency codes system, we have a code black at the main gate boondocks grandad online dating. His views of black people align with the views of white racists. Although he is set to inherit an enormous fortune, he insists upon living a life of poorly executed crime, usually on behalf of his grandfather s business interests or as personal favors to riley freeman. Mcginley) – the white shadow is a white, secret agent with white hair and shades whose responsibility is spying on huey for his radical actions. Sway calloway (voiced by himself) – sway is the mtv news reporter who first appears in the story of gangstalicious narrating the documentary gangstalicious: resurrection and then the breaking news. Over the course of the comic strip and television series, huey retains a sober demeanor, tending not to let his countenance relay his mood. Huey and riley, though possessing contrasting personalities, tend not to act in a manner in line with their grandfather s desire for simplistic living. Van hausen s house result in him killing a dog, at which point he is apprehended.

Riley could be described as a product of mass media influence, in that he refers to women as bitches or hoes , frequently alludes to his rep and his status on the streets , and idolizes gangsta rappers and their lifestyle. Stinkmeaner) when they were out to kill robert using a flying guillotine at the time when he was protecting them. He is an african-american, whose character is a stereotype of a successful white-collar middle-class black man. He appears in the episode pause where it is revealed that winston founded his theatrical cult for the purpose of having sex with men. He also seems to possess unusually large amount of strength and stamina, as seen when he fights his brother huey, who is a very high degree martial artist and swordsman. Though he would seem to be everything his brother is not, he has demonstrated his ability to rationalize and plan things out, such as when he planned his fund raiser and when he rendered attorney tom dubois speechless after debating with him regarding the r. Relinquishing his stage name, otis thus begins a new career as a delivery man and cuts his hair (all the while hoping for a reality show to save him from real work ). His family founded the town of woodcrest and have lived in the area for over a century boondocks grandad online dating. He came out of his coma in return of the king following the events of 9/11. He is told the original results were performed by a black doctor and were erroneous. Has the police and everyone else in the city on his payroll, and because his status as a member of the u. In the comic strip, huey s best friend was michael caesar, who effectively balanced out huey s pessimistic world outlook with his upbeat personality and temperament. Stinkmeaner (voiced by cedric yarbrough) is a blind old black man whose appearance resembles dr. After the fall-out of lethal interjection, thugnificent mentions that mack went back to pimpin. After beating robert in a fight in the mall parking lot, huey mistakes stinkmeaner for a blind swordsman (specifically zatoichi) and has his granddad train to fight stinkmeaner. He was a part of the civil rights movement, but was prone to certain faux pas such as donning a raincoat in preparation for getting doused by a police fire hose. Real life characters[edit] martin luther king jr.

Overweight with a grotesque appearance and a glass eye (it is also implied that he may possibly be senile), he idolizes old black-slave culture. Bush, painted in broad strokes — a figure destined to be president on the strength of his family s wealth and power, despite his sub-average intelligence (as referenced at the end of the garden party , where his grandfather says, in 30 years, that boy will be president of the united states. Huey is the one who dubs him the white shadow.san francisco online dating services.
. He does not hesitate to use corporal punishment when necessary, wielding his belt with great dexterity for this purpose. Though never implied, he is probably individually wealthy, unlike ed who is an inheritor. The booty warrior stalks tom in his attempt to anally violate him, but loses when he steps on wet soap. Ed iii and his friend, gin rummy, get away with their misguided and comically inept criminal antics because ed wuncler sr. Riley does not own any real firearms and has only been seen owning airsoft-style guns—a glock 17 and an mp5k—but he pals around with ed wuncler iii and gin rummy, who have on occasion granted him access to real weapons. He maintains an austere, yet strangely loving relationship with his brother riley, and has shown the willingness to go out of his way to prevent his brother from succumbing to bad influences (occasionally giving him some tough love ). Armed forces confers the public image of a hero no matter how immoral his actions may be, while gin rummy often argues that their escapes are the result of his being a master planner. Is an overweight, rich realtor who is the father of ed wuncler jr. Reverend rollo goodlove (voiced by ceelo green) – reverend rollo goodlove is an african-american left-wing activist whose activism seems more to get him media exposure than to show his opinion on the issue. 5% scottish) to marry a white woman (sarah), producing a mixed-race child (jazmine), and becoming a criminal prosecutor who often convicts black people. This is where he most often finds himself at odds with his grandsons. .Can relative dating always be used.Who is big cat on fantasy factory dating.

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