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On 12 packs its printed on top side of the shorter side of box hofbrau- there is two sets of numbers/letters on the bottom of back label. But two things about this, you read the first set of numbers if there are two, and millers date is a pull by date, not the day it was brewed. The exact day is the number under this, it follows the l in this case its 10553 the first three numbers are the day of the year(105th day of), the next is the last number in the year(2005). Not only date coded their labels as noted in this ad from 1948, they recommended a very short 30 day shelf life. Beer tastes better the sooner it’s served after leaving the brewery aging cellars. Ad, 1952 “bottled beer does not improve with age. We remove our product from the shelves at that time and replace it beer can dating. Ides, schaefer, old milwaukee, piels, ect. The first 3 numbers are the the day of the year that it was brewed, and the last number is the last number of the year 5= 2005.

Skip the first 2 numbers, the third is the last number of the year 5=2005, the next three are the day of the year 237= the 237th day of 2005 fosters- same as molson(its brewed under contract from fosters au by molson, then its distributed by miller in us).   brewmaster “look for a number on every label beer can dating. Look for the first set following the letter l , in this case l 119 e the 119 is the day in the year it was bottled, the e is the year as in 2001=a, 2002=b, ect. It has a code too above that date which reads 5f15 00. This is all located on front label, on the bottom right side. The first 3 numbers are the day of the year it was packaged and the next is the last number of the year ex. See also from the late 1970 s, with pre-printed months of years (july-december shown on this right side portion), notched as a date code. Most companies do do this for there own reasons. Like for instance ayinger does not have dating code.

And this code is for when it was packaged. ”  a handful of questions about coors, 1977 coors takes absolutely no chances when it comes to fresh beer taste. But there is one thing about the letter code, i is not used because it looks too much like the number avatar chat without download.
. 235 is the acually day in the year it was brewed and 5 is the last number in the year(2005). Its located on the bottom of the bacl label, or on 12 packs next to handle on the top of the box bass- same as heineken but use the set of numbers that come after the letter l if there s two sets of numbers.   beer doesn’t improve in taste after canning or bottling. The story of quality, f & m schaefer  1974  “… people don’t seem to realize that beer is more perishable than-say, milk. (below) similar coding on a label from the sebewaing brewing co. .

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