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C isochronal curves showing variation in signal intensity with temperature in sample cfg1. On the other hand, signals with g = 2. As dose rate was increased from 0 to 10 gy with an interval of 5 gy, the signal intensity increased in all the samples (fig. The fresh landslide scar exposed weathered and crushed remains of the tetori group, gravel layer and relics of the hida metamorphic rocks. Signals a, b and c are ascribed to \( {\text{so}}_{2}^{\cdot{ - }} ,\;{\text{so}}_{3}^{\cdot{ - }} ,\;{\text{co}}_{2}^{\cdot{ - }} \), respectively. The microwave power dependence of this signal shows that this signal does not saturate even at a moderate to high microwave power (fig. Thin sections used in this study were prepared using microslide glass with a thickness of 1.  11 summary of the saturation behavior of the esr spectra (e. D isochronal curves showing variation in signal intensity with temperature in sample bvb-5a. To avoid being denied access, log in if you re a researchgate member or create an account if you re not. The dried samples were then sieved to obtain fraction size between <75 and 75–150 μm.  13 a growth line and equivalent dose obtained from signal b in sample cfg1 after artificial irradiation. This signal is not greatly enhanced upon artificial irradiation (fig.  4, which shows that the angular grains were dominating.  8 a isochronal curves showing variation in signal intensity with temperature in sample cfg4.  12 a microwave power dependence of signals a, b and c in sample bvb-5a. The correlation coefficient in this sample is much more higher than in the other samples.

B growth line and equivalent dose obtained from signal b in sample cfg4 after artificial irradiation age dating fault gouge. The slight variation in the temperatures could be as a result of an additional defect center (\( e_{1}^{\prime } \) center) since the samples contained a mixture of quartz and calcite as shown in the micrograph of fig.  12a, c, such phenomenon confirms the presence of the \( e_{1}^{\prime } \) defect center age dating fault gouge. Fresh samples were carefully collected from the light-colored portion of the fault gouge with the intention of obtaining calcite-rich gouges. 2 esr spectra of artificially irradiated calcareous gouge the esr spectra of the artificially irradiated samples (east. These results are consistent with the observation of toyoda and schwarcz [7] and ikeya et al. As the temperature was raised from 200 to 350 °c, the number of peaks became more than those of their respective natural room temperature counterpart in some of the samples as indicated by signal d ( g = 1. Cfg2, cfg1 and cfg4) measured at room temperature are equally characterized by the presence of three distinct peaks (signal a, b and c), while samples cfg2 showed only one peak (signal c) (fig. However, the degree of saturation varies among different signals in different samples 5. It is worth noting that to recognize a signal base on its g value only is not sufficient to label a paramagnetic center [20]. Signal c showed a unique behavior in its decay pattern in which the first decrease in signal intensity was observed as temperature was increased to 150 °c and the second from 300 °c and finally anneals out at 450 °c. The intensity of the \( e_{1}^{\prime } \) defect center in quartz increases above 150 °c as reported by toyoda and schwarcz [7] and ikeya et al. However, at a relatively higher microwave power of 1 mw, the intensity of this peak is still visible indicating the presence of another signal which is most probably the c signal in carbonates (fig. Samples were observed and photographs were taken using an optiphot 2-pol plane polarized microscope (camera head; ds-5 m and control unit; ds-l1). C esr spectrum of sample cfg2 (natural) measured at room temperature showing only one peak (signal c). Signal c saturates at a moderate to high microwave power, while signals a and b do not saturate even at high microwave power. The \( e_{1}^{\prime } \) center in quartz saturates at a relatively lower microwave power; however, at a microwave power of 1 mw, this signal is still visible due to the presence of the signal c in carbonates.

These samples were collected along the eastern part of the ushikubi fault in an area that was exposed by a landslide along a slip plane (strike n58°e and dip 50°se) (fig. The fault gouge within this zone exhibits a hue of colors such as grayish black, bluish gray, greenish, pinkish and whitish. The saturation pattern of the different signals are the same in the different samples investigated, credits for world live sex cams.
. Researchgate we ve picked up some unusual traffic from your network and have temporarily blocked access from your ip address. 0003), they fall within the range of g values for the c signal in carbonates ( g 2. 5 mt, microwave power 1 mw, modulation frequency 100 khz, time constant 0. The intensities of signals b and c are enhanced at low levels of added artificial irradiation dose (0–10 gy) while that of a is not greatly enhanced. The signal c corresponding to the \({\text{co}}_{2}^{\cdot{ - }}\) is the most frequently used signals in carbonate dating [10, 21]. 1 signals in esr spectra the a, b and c signals are attributed to the \( {\text{so}}_{2}^{\cdot{ - }} ,\;{\text{so}}_{3}^{\cdot{ - }} ,\;{\text{and}}\;{\text{co}}_{2}^{\cdot{ - }} \), respectively [10, 21]. Two core samples bvb-5a and bvb-5b were collected at a depth of 27–27. 5 m, respectively, from the eastern part of the ushikubi fault. This unique behavior in the decay pattern of signal c in the different samples is attributed to the presence of \( e_{1}^{\prime } \) defect center in quartz whose intensity increases with increase in temperature. Three distinct peaks (signals) were identified in both the surface and the core samples. When signal intensity does not increase upon addition of artificial irradiation dose, it means signal are saturated 5 discussion 5. , in cfg4 signal c is still detectable at 1 mw, while in bvb-5a, this same signal is not visible implying that the proportion of carbonate in cfg4 is more than in bvb-5a. Sample cfg2 showed only one well distinct peak at g = 2. .

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