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Room(s) in a house or hotel in which to live, especially for a short time accommodatingman com.  ladies like for men to plan the early dates and we appreciate the take charge machismo of it all.  they do not want a girl who lays all of her cards on the table, has no depth, and who will just cater to their every need–at least not as a serious girlfriend.  she has so much potential and is a really cool person, yet she opts to degrade herself and cast good friends aside for the sake of a man which gives all of us women a bad name.  i personally like healthy debating or taking turns  picking date places so you can get to know the other person better.  we leave our friday or saturday nights open in hopes that our new boy will want to see us and take us out.  men don’t want the easy girl and they certainly do not want anything long term with someone they perceive as a whore. I am in no way saying to not make time for your boyfriend but i am cautioning being too quick to ditch your friends for a new man.  it won’t make him like you more or stay and it will most likely make him think less of you.

 then, one day, the boy leaves us and we are left manless and friendless. Rate this: accommodating - definition of accommodating by the free dictionary search / page tools 中文简体 Русский türkçe 中文简体 Русский türkçe ac·com·mo·dat·ing  (-km-dtng) adj.  there was no take charge attitude and he didn’t plan any of the dates accommodatingman com.  when you are in a long term relationship there is certainly more understanding, especially when you are married.  there are catch phrases like “bros before hos” or “chicks before dicks” but these give the impression that relationships are bad thing to be avoided which is not the case.  if i wanted to date myself i wouldn’t be on the market. They did their best to accommodate him by carrying out his wishes.  if you revolve your life around your significant other and then one day you break up, you did not just lose a boyfriend or girl, you have lost a huge portion of your life and have no one to turn to for comfort.  this guy even cooked me dinner on his birthday and made food that i like but instead of being appreciative i was annoyed.

 rather, life is a balancing act and it is important to make time for all the people who matter in your life not just the one who you are sleeping with.  (disclaimer: ladies, these should not be given out so easily, they should be a reward or go to a guy deserving not just given out in vehicles when asked.  so, we must go back with our tail between our legs and try to get our besties back when we need them nude random chat with women.
.  whenever we would go out everything revolved around what i wanted.  the “too accommodating dater” becomes annoying over time and we all want a challenge over a lap dog. I am not certain on how guys feel about the reverse situation and it is probably somewhat less annoying because of gender archetypes but i’m sure it is still frustrating to date the overly accommodating girl. I once dated a guy who was overly acquiescent.  being too acquiescent and accommodating is not a good thing. .

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