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As i can see from my corner of the world many couples who have had children who are now divorced. Not driving for instance has been a major issue for me all of my teenage and adult life. What can i, being blind, expect from being in a relationship with a sighted person. Carrying the white cane doesn’t help it frankly makes it really easy for people to write you off. Truth, honestly, openness, love, connection, communication all of these things are vitally necessary if you chose to go and have a date with a sighted person. The true story is that i saw him, thought he was hot, and asked a friend to set us up. (why is it that people’s first instinct is to clam up when they see a blind guy tap-tap-tapping his way down a street. Have you heard the song, “sweet dreams” from the eurythmics. I’ve notice two major themes in the dating world a blind guy dating. Having a sighted woman expectation of being picked up for a date is something i can’t do anything about other than renting a limo. Not surprising the lists of issues you will have with a sighted person when you’re procreating and when your done procreating are very similar. The next major theme is when your past all that procreation crap and you are looking for love based on you and what you need. We moved onto dinner, and i noted that he couldn’t use chopsticks. Will he recoil in disgust when he touches my too-fleshy upper arm for the first time. We did profoundly understand each other though a blind guy dating. Truthfully everyone is better off in the situation where people are upfront and honest and walk away but it leaves us wondering if we will ever find love.

It s heartbreaking to watch my partner be gawked at as he makes his way down a sidewalk. I have come to realize that i would have these thoughts regardless. We were feeling adventurous and (uncharacteristically for me) athletic. I’m sure you being sighted being an able bodied person can understand when you’ve similarly been rejected for part of who you are. That aside and although to you it might be logical and make perfect sense we, even though we share a disability, would have all the other relationship stuff that all of us have. There is nothing worse than meeting someone for the first time and them not reacting well to your disability. Or when i succumbed to a full-blown panic attack as i watched my loved one continue to hit his shins on our new coffee table -- again and again -- because he “had to learn the room. If you’re a sighted person that needs to use me to feel better about you, then walk away and go get some counselling. A guide dog on the other hand is very handy in meeting people. But eventually, as time passed, i knew that he was the one, that we could do this. Though both of us had lived in the city by the bay for nearly a decade, we had never done this. Nervous for the upcoming date, i confided in a friend. What i love most about jay is his independence and masculinity. But alas we are beyond the silliness of procreation. Having potential mates see the cane for the first time and decide they can’t handle it is very hard. Minus of course the genetic issues discussion noted below.

Feel free to read through the blog on my opinions on genetic disorders. Should i date a blind person, what can i expect from being in the relationship with a blind person. You can very much see me, picking my nose or scratching things.updating a sony bios after a new power supply.
. I found myself directing his movements: “watch out for the table. Then, he’ll know you’re there and he won’t whack your knees with his cane as he passes. Generally death isn’t that quick for all of us and those who make it to the long bitter end will need some help at some time. Being rejected because of my disability is one of the most painful things i live with. There is nothing like having a blind lover. I don’t know when he noticed the characteristics of my body. She asked me how he would know if i was attractive. The first theme is when your out there looking for the love of your life to make little human mutants. Author: these are the disadvantages to being married to a blind man: always having to be the designated driver, feeling helpless because his cane skills do not stop him from slicing his forehead open on sharp-cornered parking signs, having pms-induced death glares be ineffective. If your parents expect you to hide your disability and don’t accept you for what you are, ignore anything they have to say about dating. Time passed, we lived together and loved together, and we learned to communicate and continue to learn to do so. If you read the blog you’ll find my family betrayed me and my children’s mouther, and ultimately my children, my family of origin didn’t share the details about how our congenital disorder is spread. .

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